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Gorran Avian features the work of John Comley. With a training in zoology and biochemistry John has spent most of his working life in the pharmaceutical industry engaged in drug screening research. Having retired a few years ago he set about creating some sea-themed pieces to decorate the interior of a cottage in Gorran Haven. As a keen birdwatcher and observer of the nature this gave him opportunity to try an improve upon bird carvings he had occasionally sculpted over the past 25 years. Inspired by birds seen along the coast in Gorran Haven, Cornwall and Seaview, Isle Of Wight he has created an assortment of individually hand-carved 2D-wooden birds, covering several species. Birds in realistic poses are crafted from southern yellow pine planks, are life-sized and hand-painted with acrylics. Some earlier pieces were birds mounted on natural objects (e.g. rocks, driftwood, tree stumps etc.) or against a painted background as pictures. The website was established to mainly display John Comley’s latest bird sculptures. These are a collection of birds in flight intended to be displayed as standalone wall hangings.

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